Google’s Ad Dominance Explained in Three Charts Tech giant is the leading supplier of services to carry out virtually every step of purchasing and selling ads

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This article (excerpt below) appeared in the Wall St Jr June 17, 2019 Tech giant is the leading supplier of services to carry out virtually every step of purchasing and selling ads It underscores the reason why using a Certified Google Partner like US Marketing is worth its weight in gold. Excerpt: Google is the dominant player in online advertising, … Read More

US Marketing Top 10% Google Agency Premier Partner Sophistication

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We are proud to announce our agency’s representative at Google just reviewed our top clients spending in excess of $10,000 or more per month on Google Ads across many platforms including Search, Display, YouTube and Shopping. Jill said “you (US Marketing) are more sophisticated than 90% of our agencies.” This is more evidence that we truly are a boutique Google … Read More

Google Selected US Marketing to Consult on New Ads Interface

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This month we are proud to announce that Google asked us to help with our views and experiences with key Google Ad user tools, screens and reports. While we are not at liberty to discuss any specifics we believe this is another sign that US Marketing is one of the top Google Agencies in the United States. So being recognized … Read More

So You Want to Buy a Franchise?

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That wonderful feeling of starting a new business sweeps over you. And the excitement and anticipated success thrill you. After all the company told you they would provide all the marketing support you need! Besides that it will only cost you an additional $375 per month plus the cost of advertising. I have worked with several franchise owners. Most noteworthy … Read More

The Real Cost of Google Advertising

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Introduction You can also listen to a summary of this post on our 6 min. iTunes Podcast: Our work with hundreds of clients’ digital ad campaigns has given me a unique perspective into client expectations and behaviors. Since becoming a Google Agency Partner in 2011, I’ve seen small, medium and large clients. We are all products of our education and … Read More

Consumer Intent is Redefining the Marketing Funnel

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You Can Also Hear This Post on Jim Bilello’s Podcast at: On Jan. 28, 2019 Google released the results of thousands of users “click stream data.”* This data shows consumers no longer follow a linear path to purchase. Consumer searches are unpredictable, opportunistic and time dependent. The co-founder of Google Ads, Fredrick Vallaeys, said the dimension of “time” is … Read More

Google Ads Do It Yourself Guide

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Putting up Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) is easy right? Maybe you have a Promotional Offer from Google and you were taken to AdWords “Express” and 1, 2, 3 you have ads online! What more do you need? Here’s a free 7 step guide from US Marketing, Inc. a Badged and Certified Advanced Google Agency Partner. Step One Don’t … Read More

Why Mobile-responsive Design Isn’t Enough to Rank on Google


American Marketing Association Blog Article published today. Why just “fitting” a Mobile device screen is no longer acceptable. Many large and small companies do not properly test for mobile speed AND friendliness. Well meaning hosting services and developers don’t point out or don’t know 30% of more of their traffic is lost and bounce rates skyrocket to 90% as a … Read More

Local Business Marketing: Get Noticed with Google Ads and Maps


Go to Google on either your phone, computer or tablet. Enter only your business category such as divorce attorney, tax accountant, residential contractor, dentist, etc. – not your business name, not your name and click enter. If your business doesn’t come up on page one it’s likely you’re in a competitive field with thousands of other businesses. All of you … Read More

Promises to Lure Customers on Search Engines Don’t Pan Out


By KHADEEJA SAFDAR  and ANGUS LOTEN Thousands of small-business owners have paid marketing firms to get their products and services in front of potential customers on Google, GOOGL -0.39% Yahoo and other Internet search engines. But a growing number of these advertisers complain about the online marketing firms’ sales tactics and say they made promises that didn’t pan out. Many of the small businesses’ complaints single out … Read More